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Features Of FireVirus: Enhanced Web Protection

FireVirus web security provides extraordinary web protection through a hands-free, reliable security as a service deployment prototype. In fact, it is an effective and reliable method to keep your business or company linked whilst taking charge of internet security. With no software or hardware to install, FireVirus web protection is simple and quick to use and implement. You have to simply redirect your site traffic to our website, in which your site is scanned with our state of the art tools and technologies to offer complete protection.

Industry leading uptime, near-zero latency and enterprise class scalability make sure the reliability and performance you must require in securing even the most shared environments. You can run our online malware scanner for preventing all attacks of malware, Trojans and virus on the internet. If you previously have on hypothesis web filtering and scanning, our service flawlessly adds extra layers of security, incorporating the uppermost rated anti-malware engine and protects mobile users and branch offices.


FireVirus has different features, when it comes to web protection and performance. Have a look at different features, mentioned below:

Security Against Latest Technology

The FireVirus web protection makes use of sophisticated and up to date technologies and techniques to examine the intent, nature and behavior of an active content of a particular web page. This deep examination proactively secures against blended threats, unknown malware, targeted attacks and phishing sites.

Comprehensive Outbound And Inbound Protection

The traffic that goes against your online-use terms and conditions or policies are wedged prior to its entrance to your network. Enabled traffic is examined in order to offer instant security in opposition to malware and other exploits.

Improved Security

FireVirus is a complete cloud based threat intelligence facility. Previously integrated into security products, it functions in real time, twenty hours a day, to secure users against internet threats across all vectors like web, file, message and network. FireVirus offers the widest threat data, most comprehensive product integration and most robust data association in the industry. Our web protection services also make use of the web categorization services for detecting the websites hosting unwanted content. Use our online file scanner to detect and remove all types of virus and threats from your file directories