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Remove Malware With FireVirus A Step By Step Guide

If you are having online presence, then it is important that you protect your websites and visitors from malware. If your websites are infected with malware, then Google also going to ban it, which means a huge loss in your business. There are plenty of ways by which you can detect the presence of malware on your websites. We offer you with the best online url scanner by which you can detect the presence of malware on your website. We can scan and fix your website and other vulnerabilities. Use our protective shield to keep harmful traffic away from your website. You can use our services and protection we provide to keep your websites and important information safe. Here are few steps that will help you in removing the malware in case of detection.

FireVirus totally scans your blogs and websites for malware and also check if your web files have been removed or modified. Our software also alerts you in case of any suspicious activities and detection of the vulnerabilities and malware. When you receive any email altering then is alert as it can be a malware, log into your FireVirus dashboard. Here you will find that the alerts are present in more details. There are usually two types of alerts

1. Website file content distorted or

2. Possible malevolent file found

If this is the case then here are the steps explained that will help you in removing the malware from your websites. Start from step one

Step 1:-
Identifying The Malware Infection

Open the alert which is explained as above. There are two possibilities and the alert will inform you about the file having malware. There will be a pattern detection field that will show suspicious code that is detected. In the first step you will have to detect the malware.

Step 2:-
Analyze The Changes

Our software offers you with plenty of features and it also offers a file integrality validation feature. This means that you will get the ability to examine the changes which have been implemented in the infected files thus you can compare them with the previous, version and clean. The software also offers you with the website contents changed alert.

Step 3:-
Removing The Malware

It is important that you view the full comparison between the original and changed file by clicking on the view changes button that is provided in the alert. To restore the file simply click on the automatically restore file.

Step 4:-
Make Sure That You Are Having A Secure Website

Removing malwares or deleting does not mean that your website is free from malware and it is no longer vulnerable. You still have to find out how hacker managed to inject your website with the virus. By knowing the disease you will be able to find a better cure and will also be alert in future for preventing it.

With our FireVirus website virus scanner you will be able to protect your website in a better manner. Visit our website to know more about FreeVirus.